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Complaint Therapy is a simple 3 step process that turns complaints into desired results. Complaint Therapy helps both youth and adults meet their own needs, instead of waiting for someone/something else to change to make them feel good.


People who learned to translate their complaints commonly report these success factors:

  • Decreased stress: Worry/anxiety/fear opens up the gift of feeling better, regardless of circumstances.
  • Decreased conflict: Blaming and shaming others (mate, children, parents, friends, colleagues) opens up the gift of accountability.
  • Decreased codependency: Waiting for others to change opens up the gift of taking responsibility for feelings.
  • Reduced anger: Intense blaming opens up the gift of self-regulation and effective problem solving to produce desired results.

Who created this process?

Jessie Upp originally developed this to close her own life performance gaps and to enjoy life, regardless of circumstances. Adapting techniques she learned as a certified counselor, family mediator, leadership consultant, corporate learning designer, K-12 teacher, college faculty member, mate and parent, she shares how to create a new relationship with complaint itself. Her passion is to share this paradigm shift with youth across America.


  • In the 30 minute online course, receive the simple worksheet that helps your clients open up the gifts of their complaints. You will also learn the the meaning behind each worksheet question so you can effectively facilitate first-time users.
  • This curriculum will also be available for continuing education credits for certain practitioners by the summer of 2018. Inquire to find out when the next workshop is in Seattle, WA.

Can I book a presentation for our school, CHURCH, or organization?

Yes, Jessie Upp is available for speaking engagements.

Do you have testimonials FOR THE ONLINE COURSE?

  • This information is going to help me tremendously in my relationship with myself, my sons and my husband! I will never look at a complaint the same way again. I now know that there is a need that is trying to be met! It will help me to better understand my boys when they whine or throw fits, or when I want to whine or throw fits! I will be better at understanding and resolving complaints by being more compassionate with others and be better able to express my needs rather than just complain. Thank you Jessie for teaching me this and for this valuable tool.
    (Mother of four boys)
  • Wow, very impressive!  Definitely share with a parent meetup group!  All positive feedback.  You know what u are doing for sure!
  • Since reading it, I think that I hardly complain, if ever, anymore because I reframe my complaints as needs or wants now.
  • I wish I had been aware of the insights Jessie shared for “upgrading relationship complaints” 20 yrs ago. A treasure for her to share.
  • This course was really inspiring. The format wasn’t what I was expecting at all…I really liked the animations. I came away with a couple of important things and they were eye-opening for me.
    (Corporate Manager)
  • I can certainly say this is practical and helpful for the development of new skills for attitude perspectives/adjustments.
  • Deep thoughts and a very useful process. I think this is a very reasonable way to approach complaints. I have been trying to apply it in my day-to-day life and I know when I miss the steps. Thank you putting into words what is helpful.
    (Corporate Trainer)